Why You Should Consider Unfollowing People on Twitter

Desiree Scales, owner Bella Web Design, Inc.

Desiree Scales owns an award-winning company, Bella Web Design, Inc. She has extensive experience in web design, branding, search engine optimization, online marketing and social media coaching. She also hosts The Bella Buzz, a weekly podcast dedicated to online marketing topics, tools and tips for business owners. Her session at SoCon12 is called “The Great Unfollow Experiment,” and it will explore the results of her experiment unfollowing each of her connections on Twitter (@DesireeScales) and basically starting over because of the noise to signal ratio.

Here she answers our questions about herself and social and digital media.

Tell us the history of your relationship with the Center for Sustainable Journalism and/or SoCon.

I’ve been going to SoCon for a few years now. I always enjoy it and learn so much. I too was a journalism major at Northern Illinois University so this is close to my heart. SoCon has been on the cutting edge for 6 years even though some years were better than others. Still, I always come away with something new to try or think about.

In what capacity do you use social media? How has it changed the way you do your job?

I use social media every day to connect with others both professionally and personally. I’ve found leads, done research, helped people find answers and received speaking engagement offers because of my social media use. I have over 50,000 followers online.

Social media has helped me connect with people around the world. I would have never had the opportunity to connect on such a large scale without it.

What is the most influential event/shift in digital media in the past year?

Mobile is causing a huge disruption in the way people digest media. More people get their information on a mobile device than at their computers. We’ll see more of this in the coming years. Apps and mobile search are the trends to watch.

What is the future of social media in the next year?

I think there might be a small backlash. People have seen others “game” the system for their own use. I think people will stop worrying about numbers and engage with a smaller amount of better qualified connections.

How can Atlanta position itself to be a hub for technological innovation in the future?

Bring more events like SoCon to the table with better qualified speakers who can prove they’ve walked the walk. Make it easier for startups to do business here by investing more. Teach the general business public about social media in a way they can understand, not from a high level. Know your audience. Stop serving fluff.

What makes your session unique? Why should people attend your session?

My sessions are unique because both talk about disruption. Starting anew. Experimentation. New platforms, new devices, new ways of doing something we’ve always done.

Our Mobile Design session will help business owners understand how they can get into the pockets of their clients and potential clients.

The Twitter Unfollow Experiment will help you get real with your social media goals. It will make you really think about your online strategy and how and why you might start over and gain an even better connection with your audience.

Tell us one fact or idea that you want SoCon folks to know.

YOU are the social media expert in your business. Only you know what will work for YOUR business. Stay open to suggestions, but do what works for YOU.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might fail. So what? You’ll learn something new in the process which will lead to your ultimate success in the future.


Saturday – February 4, 2011

SoCon12What: SoCon12 Un-Conference
Where: Kennesaw State University
Join digital professionals for a full-day of networking, food and break-out sessions. Choose from more than 20 sessions on a variety of topics. Don’t miss keynote speaker Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights with Edelman. Around for more than half a century, Edelman has become one of the world’s leading independent global PR firms.



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