Speaker Presentations

**Speakers: Don’t see your presentation? Send a link or file to sduda at kennesaw dot edu.Thanks! -CSJournalism**

Keynote Presentations:

Where are You in Your Mobile Maturity? (audio recording)
Jeff Haynie, Co-Founder & CEO at Appcelerator 

Transmedia Storytelling (relevant tweets, audio recording,)
Steve Rubel, Executive VP of Global Strategy at Edelman 

10:45am – 11:45am Break out session #1

Always On: Will Traditional Computers Survive the Mobile Revolution
Sosh Howell, CEO & Laura Davis, COO and Co-Founder at AppedOn 

Real Life…Only Better: The Latest in Augmented Reality
Terri Thornton, Thornton Communications and Tomer Tishgarten, VP of Technology at Engauge

Lessons in Video PR 
Amani Channel, Senior Producer at KEF Media 

Crowdsourcing content: The Social Consumer as a Source for Content and Dialogue
Renee Willet, Social Media Marketing Manager at The Weather Channel

Socializing Local Store Marketing (LSM)
Dean Trevelino, Principal at Trevelino/Keller 

Lessons from the field: The impact of social media on investigative reporting
Evelyn Larrubia, Editorial Director at Investigative News Network, & Mathilde Piard, Social Media Manager at Cox Media Group 

The Future is Now: Social TV and What Consumers Want (blog post)
Eric Holtzclaw, CEO at User Insight 

The Great Unfollow Experiment
Desiree Scales, Bella Web Design

The War On Stupid (recruitment teaser)
Andrew Davies, Lead Creative Juicer at Paragon, & Patrick Rodgers, Journalist 

Educating (Dr.) Rita: Social Media Lessons Learned in Academia
Dr. Laura Palmer, Ass. Professor, & Sarah Weldon, Admin. and Research Support at Southern Polytechnic University

Social Service: Cultivating Responsible Fans

How to Mingle Social Media and SEO 140 Characters or Less (relevant article by Gross)
Topher Kohan, SEO Coordinator at CNN DIgital, & Doug Gross, Reporter at CNN.com

1:15pm – 2:15 pm Break out session #2

Photography 4.0: The Mobile Revolution
Keith Weaver, Creative Director/Photographer at Razorfish

Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond: Growing Your Venture Overseas
Selah Abrams, FutureMoguls Foundation/CNN 

Creating and Leveraging Sustainable Social Media Communities (videos, photos)
Danica Kombol, Managing Partner at Everywhere

Crowd Financing 101
Jacqui Chew, Principal at iFusion Marketing

The Creative (not creepy) Use of Social Media Analytics (random photo)
Adam Rice, Co-Founder, Looxii

Integrating Social Media into Your Organization
Sherry Heyl, CEO at Concept Hub

Social Media for Advocacy: Using Next Generation Tools to Spread Awareness and Influence Policy
Hafez Adel, Director of Marketing at ReTargeter 

Quit the Daily Grind: A Former Newspaper Reporter’s Social-Media Journey to Freelance Success
Maryn McKenna, Blogger/Freelance Journalist 

The Social Journey: Steps to Becoming a Social Business
Moderator: Lisa Calhoun, CEO at Write2Market
Panelists: Lauren Middour, VP of Business Development at Speakeasy, Inc.; Kendrick Woolford, Marketing Manager at ShopVisible; Maria Stephens, Industry Leadership Specialist at Write2Market; Andrew Henrich, Media Specialist at Write2Market

Designing for the Mobile Age - Part 1 and Part 2
Desiree Scales, Bella Web Design and Andrea Busse, IntelaText

Power Struggle: From Wall Street to Boner’s BBQ
Brian Smith, Digital Influence Digital Strategist at Ogilvy Public Relations 360

2:30pm – 3:30pm Break out session #3

Creating a Social Media Strategy that Affects Behavior using a Whole Brain Approach
Les Adkins,  founder and CEO of Orange SMS Consulting

Maximizing Brand Engagement: The Convergence of Social Media and Search Marketing
Jennifer Dunphy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Vayu Media 

Create, Connect, Collaborate: Words that Work Online
Lisa M. Russel, Georgia Writers Association & Dr. Laura McGrath, KSU

The Intersection of Social Media and Communicating Sustainability
Beth Bond, Curator, Southeast Green and Mandy Mahoney, Vice President, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

The World Has Gone Mobile: Use Your Basic Web Skills to Build iPhone and Android Apps
Andrew Zuercher, Developer and CEO at Appcelerator 

Why Time Consuming Blogging, Twitter and Facebook Strategies May NOT Work for Your Business: Consider These Alternative Social Media Strategies
Steve Miller, Founder and President, Legacy Educational Reso

Mine! No, Mine! : Who Owns Social Media?
Nancy Bistritz, Senior Director at Nurun 

Would You Like A Badge With That? Event Organizing In A 2.0 World
Sloane Kelley, Interactive Strategy Director at BFG Communications

Building Web-Based Augmented Reality Experience
Hafez Rouzati, Chief Architect – Argon Browser at Georgia Institute of Technology 

She Said, He Said: A Modern Day Battle of the Sexes
Jim Raffel, CEO, ColorMetrix and Shelby Sapusek, Marketing Coordinator, ColorMetrix

Oops? Did I say that? Online Reputation Management Meets Social Media
Topher Kohan, SEO Coordinator at CNN Digital 

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