Content Guide:

It’s simple! It’s everything about mobile! Increasingly people are taking technology on the road WITH them. As mobile continues to increase its market share, and people redefine how technology is used in everyday life, it’s important for the pros to stay ahead of the learning curve. This years SoCon has a number of sessions dedicated specifically to these technologies – from app building to web design – just look for the mobile phone.
Marketing and business are not the same, but marketing is (indeed) a strategic part of business. For simplicity sake, we’ve combined the two for easy navigation. Whether you’re expanding overseas or launching a homegrown local campaign, keep your eyes peeled for the ‘shaking hands’ to find break out sessions suited to you and your business. Now go forth and profit!
It’s the nuts and bolts, the workings that hold it all together. It’s everything behind-the-scenes! While SoCon isn’t particularly known for it’s developer sessions, this year attendees are in for a special treat. Whether you’re looking to build mobile apps, redesigning your website or just want to learn the latest trends in augmented reality, there’s bound to be a session that fits your wants and needs.
Whether it’s a tweet, video blog or 10,000 word piece of investigative journalism, crafting your message for your target audience is now more important than ever. Since the possibilities for content and how it’s used are pretty much endless, it’s best to keep it under a rather diverse umbrella. Look for the ‘little piece of paper’ icon for all sessions dealing with actual content development, from marketing to social media to journalism. This years SoCon has them all.
Some of the best real-world successes start with an abstract idea. Join the creative process at SoCon12. From new ideas to rethinking old models, if it’s a session based on novel or abstract ideas look for the ever enticing ‘thought bubble.’ Would you unfollow all your tweeps? How about starting a War on Stupid? No?? Well, then come learn from those that have and take some new ideas back home.

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