How to Grow Your Business Ventures and Network Overseas

Selah Abrams SoCon 12

Selah Abrams, CNN and FutureMoguls Foundation

Niche and unsaturated growth markets are where it’s at. That’s what producer and entrepreneur Selah Abrams believes. If you’re hoping to create your own business opportunities, you might want to take note of this.

“Look to niche, unsaturated markets, both in terms of content and physical location,” Abrams told us.

He started out by bootstrapping a successful retail startup, and then moved to a large ad and branding agency where he broke open the Latin America market before it became the current powerhouse that it is. Today, he splits his time between a day gig at Turner Studios and managing FutureMoguls Foundation, an international entertainment promotions and production company.

For SoCon12, he will be leading a session called “Be A Big Fish in A Small Pond: Growing Your Ventures Overseas,” which will include real-world examples of how he went from a network of one to thousands across the continent of Africa. Attendees will learn smart growth tips and how not to get burned.

Here’s a bit more about Abrams and what he sees as the future of social media in Atlanta.

Tell us the history of your relationship with the Center for Sustainable Journalism and/or SoCon.

I’m a longtime friend of Len Witt from before The Center received it’s funding, and from the first SoCon – he and his students have always been welcome guests here at Turner/CNN.

In what capacity do you use social media? How has it changed the way you do your job?

Among other things, I’m an original iReport collaborator and vetter…this has been our chance to inject citizen journalism into the #1 news organization in the world, and even to be copied by competitors (highest form of flattery!)

What is the most influential event/shift in digital media in the past year?

I think Citizen Reporting, in terms of what has happened politically in Egypt, Libya, Arab Spring, etc.

What is the future of social media in the next year?

The merging of online and physical through AI, interfaces/recognition, and so on…

How can Atlanta position itself to be a hub for technological innovation in the future?

More investors and firms that are not so risk averse, and make the time to coach startups and match them with successful mentors in our area. Further blur the lines between the segments in entertainment and bridge the gap between entertainment and tech (for instance, more music technology).

What makes your session unique? Why should people attend your session?

I’m sharing the actual practice of going to three countries, on the other side of the world, having no prior contacts, and building a huge network in order to do physical and online business and business development.

Check out Selah Abrams’ website or follow him on Twitter (@selah). Register NOW for a lively discussion with Abrams at SoCon12, February 4, 2012 near Atlanta, Ga.

Join more than 30 industry experts leading more than two-dozen breakout sessions, lectures and networking opportunities for SoCon12 at Kennesaw State University. SoCon’s curriculum offers sessions for virtually all tech-related professionals, from journalists to mom-and-pop marketers.

Now in its sixth year, the SoCon series is one of the longest running and well-received social media conferences in the Southeast. Don’t miss this opportunity with hundreds of influential people for 1.5 days of networking, knowledge building and all around good times.

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