How Search Retargeting Can Strengthen Your Brand’s Web Advertising

search retargeting

Reach people while they're browsing the web.

Search marketing, or having your ads appear next to relevant keywords in search engines, is a hyper-targeted way to get more brand recognition — and according to the data plays a huge role in purchasing decisions. But a retargeting campaign can make your ads even more strategic, enticing people to think of your brand beyond the search engine, when they’re ready to buy.

ReTargeter, a company that specializes in exactly what their name suggests (ad retargeting solutions), put it in layman’s terms in a recent blog:

The way it works is simple:  Users who search for one of your keywords are tagged and later shown your ads while browsing the web.”

Retargeting is important because people aren’t usually ready to make a decision when they initially search for something. They’ll first do some research, figure out what they want and then make their decision. While they are clicking around on the web—on sites like YouTube, The New York Times and many many more—your ads will show up if you’re running an effective search retargeting campaign.

“Plenty has been said about the impact of social media for companies and brands, but I believe social media has reached a point where it’s not just another marketing channel—it’s also a revolutionary tool for communication and collaboration,” said Hafez Adel, Director of Marketing for ReTargeter and SoCon12 speaker.

No longer is the internet or business a one-way flow of information, and (effective) online advertisement has started to diverge from the classic linear approach as well.

Hafez’s session, “Social Media for Advocacy: Using Next Generation Tools to Spread Awareness and Influence Policy,” specifically deals with social media and advocacy — but many of the same tricks-of-the-trade he puts into practice everyday at ReTargeter apply throughout the changing media landscape. Adjusting strategically is more important than ever to stay relevant.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the pros and take your ventures to the next level.

ReTargeter is a self-serve digital marketing and advertising platform that specializes in retargeting solutions for brands of all sizes. Retargeting enables brands to focus their advertisements on everybody who has engaged with them online, whether through the web, e-mail, mobile devices, Twitter or Facebook. These people are served targeted advertisements following their interactions, which encourages repeat visits, drives conversions, increases brand visibility, and optimizes marketing dollars.

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