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Book Publishing: Not Your Mom’s Marketing Strategy

Image credit: matthileo on Flickr.

It’s no secret: the dynamics of publishing are changing. As people continue to shift to a digital-first lifestyle – everything from an increased use of social media to downloading e-books for the Kindle Fire – authors, publishers and retailers have been forced to adapt. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. “Before social media, [for…

How to Grow Your Business Ventures and Network Overseas

Selah Abrams SoCon 12

Niche and unsaturated growth markets are where it’s at. That’s what producer and entrepreneur Selah Abrams believes. If you’re hoping to create your own business opportunities, you might want to take note of this. “Look to niche, unsaturated markets, both in terms of content and physical location,” Abrams told us. He started out by bootstrapping…

The War on Stupid Needs YOU!

War on Stupid

Somewhere between the phasing out of the telegraph and reaching 180 millions tweets per week we lost our way, or at least overlooked a few things. Now, an ominous monster lurks in the shadows waiting for the opportune moment… we call it Stupid. In a world where attention spans measure in milliseconds and access to…

Social TV: Understanding What Consumers Want

Eric Holtzclaw SoCon 12

For an increasing number of people, watching TV is no longer a passive, solitary thing. Even if you’re sitting alone on your couch, you can easily make watching your favorite shows a social experience. From Twitter hashtags to Facebook’s frictionless sharing of what you’re watching on Netflix and apps to complement your viewing enjoyment, social…

Why You Should Consider Unfollowing People on Twitter

desiree scales socon12

Desiree Scales owns an award-winning company, Bella Web Design, Inc. She has extensive experience in web design, branding, search engine optimization, online marketing and social media coaching. She also hosts The Bella Buzz, a weekly podcast dedicated to online marketing topics, tools and tips for business owners. Her session at SoCon12 is called “The Great…

What is Transmedia Storytelling? (Keynote Topic)


Steve Rubel, the keynote speaker and EVP/Global Strategy and Insights at Edelman, will be talking about transmedia storytelling. Do you know what it is? Transmedia storytelling. It’s a Hollywood buzzword, but for those who live outside the glitz of that world and who aren’t early-adapters in the advertising world, it’s likely an unfamiliar term. Or…

How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media for Your Business?

social media time

You know social media is beneficial to your business and you know you need to be involved with your online communities regularly, but it’s easy to sucked in and find yourself spending large amounts of time on these sites without feeling like you’re actually accomplishing anything. So, how much time should you really be spending…

Epic Fail? Social Media Disasters And What We Should Learn From Them


  View more presentations from Dave Peck   The take home? Be honest and transparent when dealing with your own blunders. Sure, people screw up (I couldn’t tell you how many slips I’ve had running @CSJournalism) but that’s one of the dynamics of the social sphere and life in general. If you found this little…

20 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Social Media


Business Development Director Giorgoa Vareloglou’s recent SlideShare upload offers a nice look at some of the lesser-known innuendos about social media. In less than a week the presentation has racked up more than 10,000 views. While not every tid-bit is a game changer you’re sure to find a few gems buried in the pages.  …

100 ‘Awesome’ Marketing Stats You Shouldn’t Miss


  100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs View more presentations from HubSpot Internet Marketing