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Saturday SoCon12 Un-Conference

Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw, Ga.

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8:00am  – 8:45 am
Registration, Continental Breakfast

8:45am  – 9:00 am
Welcome – Leonard Witt, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Journalism at KSU

9:00am – 10:30 Keynote  speakers

Jeff Haynie, CEO and Founder, Appcelerator:  Where are you in your mobile maturity?

Mobile is disrupting our daily lives even more than the web did, and it’s disrupting it at a faster pace.  It’s hard to believe that the first iPhone hit the market five years ago, and “iPad” entered our vocabulary barely two years ago. As companies and organizations wonder how to take advantage of this tidal wave of innovation, they can turn to the web for a model of how this new technology will evolve.  The web evolved in three distinct phases: exploration, acceleration, and innovation.  Just like its predecessor, mobile is following this same model, called the “mobile maturity model,” — but at a much faster pace.  By understanding each phase and knowing where you are in your own mobile maturity, you can create a scalable roadmap to take advantage of this mobile revolution.

Steve Rubel, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Insights, Edelman:  Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling: Back in 2008 a lot of people were declaring that the media as we know it was dead – or dying. Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral. The media, faced with the threat of extinction, used sheer will and innovation to turn things around. The media is back in a big way. And this is having a significant impact on how businesses synchronize and prioritize where, when and how they tell their stories. This process, to borrow a term from Hollywood, is often called “transmedia storytelling.” During his keynote, Steve Rubel, EVP, Global Insights & Strategy for Edelman, will share five best practices that the media is utilizing to thrive in an age where a social layer pervades how news is reported, distributed and consumed. These best practices can be applied by journalists and businesses alike.

Because, with mobile and social technologies and our fast-paced culture, people are consuming media differently. Today, content has the ability to permeate lives and create engagement in new and evolving ways. A “society of media snackers, jumping from one piece of content to the next” is what Rubel call our current culture.


10:45am – 11:45am  Break out session #1
Sessions:  (subject to change)

  • Always On: Will Traditional Computers Survive the Mobile Revolution
  • Real Life… Only Better:  The Latest in Augmented Reality
  • Lessons in Video PR
  • Crowdsourcing content: The social consumer as a source for content and dialogue
  • Socializing Local Store Marketing (LSM)
  • Lessons from the field: The impact of social media on investigative reporting
  • The Future is Now: Social TV and What Consumers Want
  • The Great Unfollow Experiment
  • The War On Stupid
  • Educating (Dr.) Rita
  • Social Service: Cultivating Responsible Fans
  • How to Mingle Social Media and SEO 140 Characters or Less

11:45am – 1:00 pm
Networking Lunch at The Commons for all speakers and attendees

1:15pm – 2:15 pm   Break out session #2
Sessions: (subject to change)

  • Photography 4.0:  The Mobile Revolution
  • Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond: Growing Your Venture Overseas
  • Connecting Georgia Greens – Real World Examples
  • Creating and Leveraging Sustainable Social Media Communities
  • Crowd Financing 101
  • The Creative (not creepy) Use of Social Media Analytics
  • Integrating Social Media into Your Organization
  •  Social Media for Advocacy: Using Next Generation Tools to Spread Awareness and Influence Policy
  • Quit the Daily Grind: A Former Newspaper Reporter’s Social-Media Journey to Freelance Success
  • The Social Journey: Steps to Becoming a Social Business
  • Designing for the Mobile Age
  • Power Struggle: From Wall Street to Boner’s BBQ

2:30pm – 3:30pm   Break out session #3
Sessions:  (subject to change)

  • Creating a Social Media Strategy that Affects Behavior using a Whole Brain Approach
  • Maximizing Brand Engagement: The Convergence of Social Media and Search Marketing
  • Create, Connect, Collaborate: Words that work online
  • The Intersection of Social Media and Communicating Sustainability
  • The World Has Gone Mobile: Use Your Basic Web Skills to Build iPhone and Android Apps
  • Why Time Consuming Blogging, Twitter and Facebook Strategies May NOT Work for Your Business: Consider These Alternative Social Media Strategies
  • Mine! No, Mine! : Who Owns Social Media?
  • Would You Like A Badge With That? Event Organizing In A 2.0 World
  • Building Web-Based Augmented Reality Experience
  • She Said, He Said: A Modern Day Battle of the Sexes
  • Oops? Did I say that? Online Reputation Management Meets Social Media

SoCon12 Wrap up
Join other participants for an informal gathering – location to be announced


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Tentative Agenda – subject to change